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315572 11-18-2009 07:01 PM

incoming calls not working

I just purchased Voxalot premium subscription. I always used to do only outgoing (incoming over PSTN) but now I switched to voip completely and need incoming calls too. Unfortunately incoming calls are not working, the caller receives a busy tone. In my VSP list the reg. status pending and afterwards unregistered. I tried re-applying the settings etc. but it doesn't register. The sip provider I am using is called Voipplanet and it uses sip3.voipplanet.nl as server on port 5060. If I fill in these details straight in my ATA, incoming calls work fine and it register straight away. So credentials are okay and the sip server is up and running.

Another problem is my provider does not do/support sip uri forwards, so I cannot let them forward to voxalot. Only solution is to get it registered within voxalot and receive incoming calls this way.

If it somehow is impossible to achieve, I hope I can cancel the subscription and receive a refund.


315572 11-18-2009 09:04 PM

Please cancel/downgrade the premium account I created today and put me back on the free basic subscription, you can send the refund of 10.05 euro to my paypal address I paid with today. My account number is 315572

I found a solution which is: I registered at a 3rd party equilivent of Voxalot (free of charge) which registers my sip provider without any trouble and it forwards all calls to the voxalot SIP URI. So the premium account is not necessary anymore.

Thanks again. This means there is no need for the premium account, which doesn't even work in my case. It would only be a waste of money since I am not using the premium feature.

If I haven't receive response (or got money back on paypal) within 2 days i'll take further actions and contact my CreditCard company to take over the appropriate action.


My sip provider replied to my question and they confirmed they have blocked Voxalot. (There was some abuse in the past.)
This makes the premium service for me useless, since I cannot use my inbound number.

Therefore please refund my money today. And downgrade me back to the basic free account.

315572 11-21-2009 07:43 AM

Thanks for downgrading and sending my money back.

Thumbs up!

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