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Pat-UK 10-29-2010 10:32 PM

Can Voxalot connect multiple lines ?
Hi everyone

Deciding if this is the service for me, basicaly, were are in the poo so to speak, the Voip provider we have just ported our numbers to does not like our panasonic phone system.

So I was thinking it may be possible to have our Phone system connect to Voxalot to send and recieve calls through our Voip provider.

We have 5 lines and often use 3 at a time, will this work before I spend my money upgrading.

Many Thanks

emoci 10-30-2010 01:54 AM

My suggestion is to break things into Outgoing and Incoming:

1. For outgoing start with a Free VoxBasic Acct. Setup your provider in VoXalot for outgoing (if your current provider is like most, it does not require registration for outgoing calls). At that point set your 5 devices to register to VoXalot. Check that each of them individually can make outgoing calls via VoXalot over your provider. Once you have done that step...test having 2 or three of the lines attempt separate calls simultaneously and see what happens (...theoretically you should be able to make about two simultaneous calls).

2. Provided the results from one are positive....while still being on a VoXBasic acct. test a few incoming calls by using a SipBroker Access Number and entering *010123456 (where 123456 is your VoXalot acct. number). See how the devices registered behave in terms of ringing and taking the call. What happens when you attempt this while one of the devices is already on a call?

The gist here is that you can test out the functionality before actually paying for an upgrade (however it wasn't quite meant to be used the way you are hoping too... albeit it may work).

My personal opinion... VoXalot may be able to play a role in your setup...but not as the primary aggregator. You need a service that allows you to assign each device that needs to register its own extension. It'll be easier to manage outgoing and route incoming calls that way.

The quickest alternative would be PBXes (consider how many minutes you use to decide whether you're gonna need a premium acct. there...but definitely test with a free acct. first).

The next alternative would be SipSorcery (however it'll require buying an invite, some Ruby scripting, and of course uptime may not be very well suited if what you're running is business related).

There is two other alternatives, that provide excellent features but expect you to use them as your outgoing provider (rather than your current VSP). That would be Voip.ms and OnSip. I tend to really like Voip.ms in small to midsize business applications... but do some research to see if it fits your case (in the long run it may be worth your while to transfer your DIDs there too).

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