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ahmed24 01-07-2007 05:02 PM

problem using voxalot using hardware but works with softphone xlite

I am new to voxalot. I've been using sipgate.co.uk as my main provider on a netgear TA612V. I have a incoming phone number on sipgate and I've also been using VoipCheap.com on the same hardware. I've never had problems with them.

I've registered with voxalot and setup my hardware with the voxalot details as instructed. I've added my sipgate and voipcheap accounts in the provider section. It's displaying as registered.

Now the problem i am having is that when i configure my netgear TA612V with the voxalot details, the TA612V successfully registers and displays the registration state as successful. I get a dialtone on my phone. However, i am not able to make calls via the DialPlan that i've configured. And the same goes for receiving phone calls. When i call my number from my mobile it goes straight to the voxalot voicemail service.

The problem is not the way i configured my voxalot and dial plans because, i configured xlite software with the exact same voxalot details and i am able to receive calls on my sipgate number as well as make calls through the dial plan i've configured which uses voipcheap..

i dont know what is going wrong. there seems to be something wrong with the hardware configuration, because the xlite works fine.

can anyone please advise me on possible solutions to this problem. The problems cannot be with port forwarding either as it works directly with those providers. I've got port 1-65534 forwarding to the TA612V.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks

ahmed24 01-07-2007 11:59 PM

i've sorted the problem. it seems that in the netgear TA612V my telephone number and username must be the same as my voxalot account. I had my sipgate telephone number in the telephone number setting and that's why it wasnt working.

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