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mickeyman 06-21-2009 12:54 AM

can I use FRING with voxalot.. ???
i m new to voxalot.
i m normally receiving SIP calls to my mobile phone over FRING

at the moment, i have registered my service providers (sipgate & Message.it) with my voxalot account. but, i dont know how to receive the calls on to my mobile using FRING.

can u help me

mickeyman 06-21-2009 01:22 PM

hi guys,

i managed to receive inbound calls through mysipswitch.com to the mobile handset where the fring is installed.. (over 3G connection)

i still unable to receive inbound calls through voxalot. can someone let me know what is their proxy address.


Jeannie 06-21-2009 01:32 PM

yes you can
You should make sip-registration to Voxalot inside Fring.

Look at the 'member detalis' for your server (us/au/eu.voxalot.com),
Realm (domain name) is Voxalot.com,
and of course username+password

then you can dial *600 (echo test) and make sure you're done

I never used Fring - so I don't know their interface and menues - but few days ago I helped a friend (on the phone) to do the same.
Good luck

*you said you had registered sipgate & Message.it in Voxalot. I don't know your account status, but just to save your time in case you didn't know: basic Voxalot users cannot register sip providers for incoming calls (only outgoing)

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