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Mr.Jingles 04-07-2008 03:35 AM

Inbound call issues (VoxPro)
Okay, I'm confused?

I currently have an account with CallCentric and need to have multiple UA's ring concurrently. The reason for my posting is that I can't get my softphones and WIFI (Linksys WIP330's) to stay registered (?) to Voxalot (VoxPro package).
I configured all of my hardware/software correctly and used the service for both inbound and outbound calls without any problems, however for some strange reason, after varying times my inbound calls just stop? When someone calls they go directly to CallCentric's voicemail system.
The phones all show that they're registered and I can make outbound calls without any problem. I haven't really found a way to reactivate the inbound service other than to continuously call my inbound number power cycle my phones or connect to Voxalot and reset my VOIP provider settings.

So, what am I missing here? I could understand the calls stalling once and a while but I'm dealing with 35% odds of receiving inbound calls in a 24hr period.

Thank you

Mr.Jingles 04-08-2008 04:45 PM

Please disregard.

After adding an ATA (PAP2T) to the network, I've discovered that the issue was caused by my Linksys WIP330's. Apparently when the wifi phones reregister with Voxalot it breaks the connection on inbound calls for about 20-30 minutes. Too bad, I was hoping that the registration process would be transparent so that I could travel with my wifi phones :(

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