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mohnashaat 11-13-2009 11:23 PM

spa-3102 voip-to-pstn through voxalot
i tried to read all the topics similar, but didn't find an answer, i have an spa-3102 line 1 is registered with voxalot, under the pstn tab, another voxalot account is registered, the pstn line is connected to the ATA

now to call the ata, i just call the first voxalot account on line 1, no problem with that

to access the pstn line remotly, i dial the 2nd voxalot account (under the pstn tab), hear the pstn dial tone then dial number i wish to call via the pstn, it seems working but sometimes the dialed numbers a double-dialed ex. if i dial 1234567, the pstn line got 12334567, i this case the 3 is double-dialed so it goes to wrong number

do voxalot support DTMF signaling? or do i have to have some specific settings?
what about the codec G729a, related to that or no?

thank you for ur help :)

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