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nerdzoll 08-20-2007 09:36 AM

Feature Request - Restrict Virtual Toll Free
Heya Guys,
I have been really interested in the Virtual Toll Free feature, however I desire an option to restrict possible numbers that can be inputted.

For example, I would like to allow only landline numbers in UK and australia to be put in the call back, no mobiles and none from other countries.

I was wondering if it would be possible to implement something using a similar feature set to the Dial Plans. I.e. only allow numbers to be entered that match a certain set of patterns. I was thinking mebe it might be possible to leverage some of the code from the call patters.

For example, someone enters a number on virtual toll free --> virtual toll free checks if dial pattern exists on another "special virtual toll free dial plans page" if the number pattern matches, the call is placed. If not it states that it is not a valid number.

Just a thought, I would love to see this one.

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