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muzzza 09-01-2006 11:38 AM

dial plan help please
I am unable to get my dial plan working corectly.
I have a billion 7100sv router, however I am trialing just with a soft phone to test the connections as it is easier to change.

What I am having trouble is with the Sipme registration / dial out.
I want to connect to sipme by using 2 as the first number, then dial out as per normal (eg 02 12341234) or use sipme as a direct link to sipbroker by dialing 2*, then the wanted number.

I however cannot seem to get my dial plan to 'connect' to sipme - ie it won't ring. I can call via a softphone direct thru sipme no problems, but it's not working thru Voxalot.

If I dial *266300 it goes thu voxalot using a soft phone(unable to use this with my current voip router as it uses a * for it's speed dial setting), & if I dial 2*266300 I don't get any connection - just run out of time (call failed: declined, and a voice message saying the person you tried is unavailable.
And if i dial direct using sipme i get a connection but no sound.

Is this a Sipme fault or my Dial Plan?

Any suggestions to trial?:confused:

My current dial plan is:

Priority Pattern Replacement Provider Active
10 _8xxxxxxx ${EXTEN} Koala SA Yes [Edit] [Delete]
20 _0[235-9]XXXXXXXX ${EXTEN} Koala SA Yes [Edit] [Delete]
30 _04XXXXXXXX ${EXTEN} Koala SA Yes [Edit] [Delete]
40 _1[38]00XXXXXX ${EXTEN} Koala SA Yes [Edit] [Delete]
50 _13ZXXX ${EXTEN} Koala SA Yes [Edit] [Delete]
60 _0011X. ${EXTEN} Koala SA Yes [Edit] [Delete]
70 _20[235-9]XXXXXXXX ${EXTEN:1} Sipme Yes [Edit] [Delete]
80 _20011X. ${EXTEN:5} Sipme Yes [Edit] [Delete]
90 _2*x. ${EXTEN:1} Sipme Yes [Edit] [Delete]
100 _2177x. ${EXTEN:1} Sipme Yes [Edit] [Delete]
120 _21[38]00XXXXXX ${EXTEN:1} Sipme Yes [Edit] [Delete]
130 _19[79] ${EXTEN} Koala SA Yes [Edit] [Delete]
140 _nxx. ${EXTEN} Koala SA Yes [Edit] [Delete]

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