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Jerree 01-11-2011 11:54 AM


The Voxalot reminder emails about my service expiring or noting that my service has already expired is scary me!

I really like Voxalot but the emails are causing me some concern especially when I already renewed my service (before receiving even the first email).

I know the emails from Voxalot say please ignore if you already renewed but when I read an email saying your service has expired but its still not too late to renew (or upgrade), that concerns me.

Each time I login and double check the status of my service it always says the same thing that I'm paid up on everything, VoxPro & Vox Upgrade.

This is just a comment reflecting my concern about the reminder emails. Yes, I want the email reminders but when my status is up to date I prefer not to receive them.

Thank You, Jerree

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