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pablob 09-07-2010 02:46 AM

MWI forwarding

I have recently opened my VoxLite account, and I am happily using it with a FreePhoneLine.ca DID. It is working fine, but there is a small voicemail issue I haven't been able to fix: The Waiting Message Indicator.

I am currently using FPL's voicemail (mostly because you can receive faxes there, albeit the feature is not officially supported), but then I get no information about waiting messages.

I could use Voxalot's voicemail, but then I would lose the ability to receive faxes.

Is there a way to "forward" the message status so my ATA (registered to Voxalot) will be able to see messages waiting in FPL's voice mailbox?

Or is there any way to use Voxalot's voicemail and still receive faxes? (at no cost, preferably).

Thanks a lot!


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