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tomblandford 04-11-2008 09:38 AM

WebCallBook - clicking the wrong line
Any chance of functionality that lets users choose the line spacing in the WebCallBook page for mobiles? It's just that it's very easy to tap the wrong line with them so close together. In particular on iPhone where my fat fingers cover 2 lines!

I would prefer to space them out with triple line spacing and have to scroll more. Obviously others would disagree!

I know this page is supposed to be as simple as possible, but how about a separate web page with triple line spacing? That could for example be located at http://mobile.voxalot.com/action/webCallBook2

Adding <br><br> to the end of each entry would do the trick of course!

A cancel button has also been mooted before - that would be very useful too, for times when the wrong line gets hit.

tomblandford 05-09-2008 12:54 PM

I made my own page for iPhone in the end. The only problem is that I need to add new entries manually if anything is changed in my WebCallBack Book. That takes less than a minute to update though. I can let you know the coding if needed (very simply to do actually) :D You'd need a webpage editor and some webspace.

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