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dyg 10-12-2010 08:02 AM

Problem using Linphone
I have installed Linphone 3.2 into 2 PCs which both were using Ubuntu 8.
PC A with the IP address - alice@open.my
PC B with the IP address -bob@open.my
Then, I try to make calls between both parties and it looks success.

but the problem is,
when i refer on the wiresharks,
within the Message Header of the SIP it shows alice@ or bob@ instead of their own ip address; alice@ or bob@

How can i modify the into their own ip address because in certain process, may cause some problems (it keep looping on itself and fails out other process) . I've made some changes either on the hostname,resolv.conf,dns etc..but still showing the

I'm not sure the problem may cause by the linphone itself or the Operating System or even Network configuration.
Anyone can help me ??since i'm new in this situation.

Regard ,dyg

padboll 11-06-2010 07:55 PM

Be careful, SIP is not an easy protocol and headers can contain tricky informations that may appear wrong but are used for something else...

I think you should play with parameters in Linphone preferences: I noticed that header content and strange behaviors are related to a particular interpretation of Linphone preferences. Take a look at the firewall settings (direct/public/STUN which gave me problems in the past) and the "default identity" in accounts menu.
(Last time I used it, I used STUN even if not required because of my strict router with strange SIP ALG behaviors. I have a special configuration and thus cannot tell you more for a normal situation...)

I also had to create a dummy account with identity "sip:1234@" so as to be available in the main GUI, below, in the listbox where you can select which account you want to use... Maybe this is what you are looking for.

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