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richard 05-05-2007 02:05 PM

Suggestion: Quick Access to Voicemail via SipBroker

I found that the ability to access your Voxalot voicemail via SipBroker PSTN numbers is great, but what would make it better is quicker access. Right now, you have to type:

*010500 <wait> NNNNNN <wait> pppp

where "N" are numbers in your Voxalot Number & "p" are numbers in your password.

My suggestions are aimed at shortening this process by reducing prompts in Option 1 & even sending Caller ID (CID) info in Option 2:

Options 1: (No CID passed)


Where "500" is a new SipBroker *code which takes you directly to the Voxalot Voicemail System. Further you would not need to wait for additional prompts to provide your Voxalot number and password. This of course is key to speeding up the process.

Another (and more interesting) option would to automatically login to voicemail from specified phones :-)

When I call my Voxalot number via SipBroker, it receives my CID.

If we can set in our Voxalot account to allow automatic log, then retrieving Voicemail would be very quick. It could go like this:

Option 2: (CID Passed & Auto-Login)

*500 or
*500pppp (where "p" (password) optionally made mandatory via your account)

1. Dial SipBroker PSTN Number
2. Dial dedicated SipBroker *code for direct access to Voxalot Voicemail (ie: *500)
3. SipBroker connects caller directly to Voxalot Voicemail AND passes CID. If CID passed belongs to a Voxalot user (user specified in their Voxalot Account), then the caller will be automatically logged into their voicemail account and can listen to voicemails. Alternatively, if set in their Voxalot account, they can specify that the system always asks for their password when logging in.

If you are dialing in from a phone that's not registered with your account, the system will prompt you for our login credentials.

What do you guys think? Is these options feasible? What are everyone's thoughts, comments?

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