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martin 07-08-2006 03:01 AM

Post Your VoXaLot Dial Plan
A post over on Whirlpool prompted me to create a sticky thread over here where people can post their VoXaLot dial plans to assist others.

It would probably help to state your city, country in the subject with a cut and paste of the actual dial plan entry list followed by a brief rationale.


moollar 07-08-2006 04:18 AM

NSW (Australia) dial plan
The following is a NSW (area code 02) dial plan that has Koala as a "main" VSP and Pennytel as an "override" by dialling 2 at the beginning:

10 _[4689]xxxxxxx 02${EXTEN} Koala ENUM 612${EXTEN} Yes
20 _0[23478]xxxxxxxx ${EXTEN} Koala ENUM 61${EXTEN:1} Yes
40 _1[38]00xxxxxx ${EXTEN} Koala ENUM 61${EXTEN} Yes
50 _13zxxx ${EXTEN} Koala ENUM 61${EXTEN} Yes
60 _0011x. ${EXTEN} Koala ENUM ${EXTEN:4} Yes
70 _20z. ${EXTEN:1} Pennytel ENUM 61${EXTEN:2} Yes
80 _20011x. ${EXTEN:5} Pennytel ENUM ${EXTEN:5} Yes

When you dial using the above plan you will need to put a 2 in front of the number you want to dial when you want it to go through Pennytel and make sure you include the area code.

This dial plan is for people who reside in NSW, Australia and want to dial NSW numbers "normally" (i.e. without area code), with the exception of dialling the Pennytel "override".

ozimarco 07-11-2006 09:59 PM

Thanks, moollar, for posting that. I am going to adopt your way of prefixing a 2 so that I can quickly switch to Pennytel for those local calls I know are going to be short.

Kars 07-11-2006 10:20 PM

Dial plan for Hengelo, the Netherlands
The following is dial plan for Hengelo, the Netherlands when using Budget Phone Company / Talkin2Ya as your PSTN provider.
All numbers are transformed so they yield proper ENUM lookups. Hengelo (local) numbers can be dialed without city/area code.

The country code for the Netherlands is 31, the city/area code for Hengelo is 74, the Dutch IDD (International Direct Dialing) prefix is 00, the Dutch NDD (National Direct Dialing) prefix is 0.


Priority Pattern  Replacement  Provider            ENUM Replacement
-------- -------- -----------  -------------------- ----------------
1        _112    ${EXTEN}    Budget Phone Company 31${EXTEN}
10      _0031.  0${EXTEN:4}  Budget Phone Company ${EXTEN:2}
10      _00.          ${EXTEN}    Budget Phone Company ${EXTEN:2}
20      _0.      ${EXTEN}    Budget Phone Company 31${EXTEN:1}
30      _ZXXXXXX 074${EXTEN}  Budget Phone Company 3174${EXTEN}

The first entry is meant for the Dutch emergency number.
The second entry is for all international format Dutch PSTN phone numbers.
The second entry is for all other international PSTN phone numbers.
The third entry is for all national PSTN phone numbers.
The last entry is to facilitate "local" calls (without area code) in Hengelo.

gvr 08-16-2006 03:26 AM

New York City, provider Wengo
HTML Code:

To make domestic calls, dial 1+area_code+number or area_code+number. To make international calls, dial country_code+area_code+number.

As Wengo is a French company, all French numbers must be prefixed with 0 and other countries must be prefixed with 00.

Question to audience (or Martin), please explain:
If I move 2nd and 3rd plans to the end, user loses the ability to make international calls, with an immediate busy tone. They are not forwarded to the provider. Test button on "Dial Plan" setup page shows no problem even with this order. Why?

menace 09-07-2006 02:51 PM

I'm in Tassie so the area code is 03 (613 in country code)

10 _04xxxxxxxx 61${EXTEN:1} Freecall Yes [Edit] [Delete]
20 _[6]xxxxxxx 613${EXTEN} Freecall Yes [Edit] [Delete]
30 _26. 613${EXTEN:1} SIPME Yes [Edit] [Delete]
40 _2. 61${EXTEN:2} SIPME Yes [Edit] [Delete]
50 _[0]. 61${EXTEN:1} Freecall Yes [Edit] [Delete]
60 _xxx. 61${EXTEN} Freecall Yes [Edit] [Delete]

any suggested improvements? Its the first time I've ever tried this!

10 (add 61 to all mobiles and use freecall)
20 (add area code to all local calls)
30 (add area code to all local calls and use SIPME if 2 is dialed as first number)
40 (use SIPME if 2 is dialed as first number)
50 (add international code to all STD numbers)
60 (add international code to all 13... numbers)

wmp 09-22-2006 06:07 PM

Dupont WA - USA
My dial plan begins with my Sipura SPA-2000 with the following:

Before passing my call to VoXaLot any 7 digit numbers are prefixed with 1253 (my local are code). 10 digit numbers are prefixed with a 1 and sent out (S0) immediately, and full 11 digit domestic numbers are sent out immediately. 7 10 and 11 digit numbers prefixed with a # are sent to VoXaLot for use with different providers. The [x*][x*]. at the end allows for everything else, such as * codes for use with SIPBroker, 500 for voice mail, 011 international calls, etc.


Priority  Pattern                Replacement      Provider
30          _0114[479]800.        *${EXTEN:3}      FWD 
31        _01131800.              *${EXTEN:3}      FWD
32        _01144500.              *${EXTEN:3}      FWD
33        _01144808.              *${EXTEN:3}      FWD
34        _01149130.              *${EXTEN:3}      FWD
40        _011XX.              00${EXTEN:3}    VoipDiscount
51        _#1XX.                      ${EXTEN:2}      Voxee
52        _#2XX.                      ${EXTEN:2}      PlainVoip
53        _#3XX.                      ${EXTEN:2}      Vbuzzer
411        _411                      18003733411      TRX Telecom
800        _1800.                      1613-${EXTEN}    TRX Telecom
822        _1822.                      1613-${EXTEN}    TRX Telecom
833        _1833.                      1613-${EXTEN}    TRX Telecom
844        _1844.                      1613-${EXTEN}    TRX Telecom
855        _1855.                      1613-${EXTEN}    TRX Telecom
866        _1866.                      1613-${EXTEN}    TRX Telecom
877        _1877.                      1613-${EXTEN}    TRX Telecom
888        _1888.                      1613-${EXTEN}    TRX Telecom
999        _1NXXNXXXXXX              00${EXTEN}      VoipDiscount

Priority Code - Explanation
  • 30s - Some international toll free numbers are sent through FWD (free). The 011 is stripped and a * is added.
  • 40 - International calls. The 011 is replaced with 00 (as required by VoipDiscount) and sent to VoipDiscount.
  • 50s - Allows me to choose an alternative VOIP provider. I can simply enter #1+phone number and the call with be handled by Voxee.
  • 411 - Directory calls are sent to an 800 number through a free provider.
  • 800s - Toll free calls sent to through a free provider.
  • 999 - Domestic calls are sent to VoipDiscount, adding 00 to beginning as required by them.

441516 10-04-2006 02:21 PM

Can anyone post a dial plan
which is for UK users! Foe all UK local and national 01 and 02 numbers.Not forgetting voxalot.

ptruman 10-05-2006 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by 441516 (Post 3210)
which is for UK users! Foe all UK local and national 01 and 02 numbers.Not forgetting voxalot.

Happy to attempt to help - although I'm new at this...

Voxalot dialplans :


1 _777. ${EXTEN:3} Sipgate UK
2 _0800. *44800${EXTEN:4} Free World Dialup (FWD) 
3 _393. ${EXTEN:3} Free World Dialup (FWD)
4 _764. ${EXTEN:3} Poggs
5 _472. 000472${EXTEN:3} Sipgate UK

I'm using the international SIP provider codes as STD codes - i.e. 777 calls sipgate, using my Sipgate provider account.

0800 routes free calls via FWD (no point really, but I was playing :) )

393 routes all calls to FWD users via my FWD provider account.

764 is a link to a friends private asterisk exchange (he's made me an extension)

472 routes calls to Gradwell users, via my Sipgate provider.

I'm using a Linksys SPA3102 to connect to Voxalot, and it's dial plan is


This, anything starting 01, 02, 07 or 08 goes via PSTN. (I could route 08 over FWD as in the Voxalot plan, but as mentioned, no real point :) )

Telco service numbers 100, 123 and 150/151 are covered by the next rule, and go out on PSTN

# instantly drops out to PSTN, and means I can make a landline call if a dialplan screws up whilst I'm testing

999 should go straight out, but I've not tested this

Everything else goes via Voxalot as the normal subscriber.

My plan is to setup accounts with most providers, and set them up as "area codes" in Voxalot

441516 10-05-2006 01:26 PM

Many thanks. Please check your private message.:)

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