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bpere 04-22-2007 11:12 AM

Problem with DTMF responses to voxalot prompts
Since a few days I don't seem to be able to enter my password to access my voxalot voicemail. I do get the password prompt, but after keying in my password, the system appears to time out as if I had not entered anything. I can actually access the voicemail through a Sipbroker PSTN number, and then it works fine (so I do have a workaround). I have a Siemens C450IP, and I have made no changes to any configuration whatsoever lately, except for a firmware update on my phone (but I can't say if this update coincides with the manifestation of this problem). Any DTMF response to other systems (such as entering my PIN number for calls trough a calling card) work just fine over VoIP. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.

martin 04-22-2007 11:18 AM

Hello nothing on the Voxalot side has changed on the telephony front in the last couple of months.

I would be looking closely at the firmware update.

bpere 07-17-2007 12:54 PM

Problem solved by dries in another thread:


Originally Posted by dries (Post 8650)
I've found a solution, at least for the siemens gigaset C-450 IP:
Voicemail works when disabling all DTMF options except for RFC 2833
(using latest firmware)

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