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affinity 06-27-2006 03:39 AM

Incoming registered SIP / voicemail

Thanks Martin [and team?] once again for your great service.

I have setup Faktortel for an incoming number and have registered it with Voxalot [.com.au server]. When the Faktortel number is dialed, it rings my Billion 7402VGO and my eyeBeam software phone. If I don't answer the call, it rings out and never goes to voicemail.

If I use a PSTN to VoIP gateway number via sipbroker and I dial 61387050300 [which has an enum lookup], it goes to my 853804 voxalot account fine, it rings as above, but I can leave a voicemail message.

I need an unanswered Faktortel call to route to the voxalot voicemail....

My next trick is to have my 1300 number terminated on my Faktortel DID number and thus to my voxalot account.

Kind Regards


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