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markk 12-08-2010 03:39 PM

Call Forwarding (Call Connection) problems?
I have some incoming providers forwarding to three PSTN/Mobile numbers depending on a provider, same set-up for a couple of years. For the past few days it seems the forwarding is just not working at all. The calls from the providers that should be forwarded are coming in fine and are actually ringing on my Voxalot number like if the inbound rules have stopped working completely.

It is a simple forwarding from providers in SipSorcery and it is forwarded via Localphone. Just to eliminate Localphone as a problem I tried a couple of other providers as well and I tried forwarding to a sip uri with the same results - the forwarding is disregarded and the incoming calls are still ringing directly at my Voxalot number.

Before I start messing with my elaborate set up, did anybody else noticed similar problem or is there something in the system, or something else has changed, within the last week or so, that I should take into consideration?


halife 12-08-2010 04:35 PM

All changes made to your account on voxalot.com site, does not work. Continues with the old configuration from 1/12/2010.

caribicarts 12-12-2010 02:11 PM

Call Forwarding (Call Connection) doesent work. Doese this issue never been fixed?

MarkosJal 12-12-2010 05:37 PM

It seems that the inbound rules are broken. I posted here months ago that I could not ring my Cell via PSTN if nop SIP was registered and I never got any joy out of it.

I have also had recently new accounts that fail for no apparent reason when I try to register to them as well as old accounts that now suddenly say that the account is unverified. Today I was making outbound dialing rules and that does not work either.

It looks like voxalot is dying and nobody is home to give it CPR. Too bad I love voxalot and would do all I could to help save it , but it is becoming too unreliable as is.

I offer my expertise to Martin and Co if there is anything I can do!

caribicarts 12-12-2010 10:22 PM

A pitty. Is there a similar paid service offering same service? i checked pbxes its too complicated not userfriendly.

markk 12-16-2010 04:34 PM

I agree. Voxalot is a great service and it is a pity that it is just not working correctly for long stretches of time - it is just becoming too unreliable for me even as a redundant backup service. I am paying for the premium Voxalot service specifically to have a backup call forwarding service since I use mostly the free Sipsorcery with Google Voice as the main free and unlimited forwarding and several ATAs as backup set-up at home. Unfortunately, I think, most problems with Voxalot are exactly with the premium services like in this case the call forwarding. The basic features on my account seem to be still working fine.

markk 12-16-2010 05:13 PM

It depends what your needs are. For example I heavily use the forwarding services for several of my, and my family, landline and mobile phones. I have some old SPA 3100 and 3102 ATAs that can do some of the basic forwarding but because I handle the phone services for several family members and I have dozens of incoming numbers in several countries I need to aggregate and forward the incoming calls to regular US landline or mobile numbers so I am using the Sipsorcery services - I have several free accounts there for many years - each Sipsorcery account allows unlimited number of registrations.

Sipsorcery is very powerful but relatively elegant and simple at the same time. With the correct dial plans it has some of the best forwarding tools available out there. My default set-up now is the Sipsorcery and free/unlimited forwarding of any incoming PSTN/VoIP call to several North American numbers using the Google Voice because it is reliable and also completely free. Before Google Voice I was using other providers but because Google Voice is very reliable and completely free - it is my default now. Lately I use other providers for calls only when I need to have the Caller ID forwarded and it is not a big issue for me.

But again it is just me and my specific forwarding needs - you may have some other needs. From what I understand Sipsorcery now is not free for new signups and I am not sure what it costs but I think if it is priced similar to Voxalot premium it is well worth it.

A while ago Sipsorcery added a redundant server and since then I haven't noticed any outages or issues with the service. It is now probably one of the most stable switches out there and that includes any paid or free services I came across. Sipsorcery is about to unveil some paid services too - I haven't had the time to read what it is exactly but I suspect it would be something similar to Voxalot but probably much more powerful.

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