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shezad 01-22-2007 05:33 PM

Call forwarding - priority from patterin ?
Hi Martin

I have made another account on voxalot that i use for callforwarding only, no adapter is connected to it.

If you check the account 990921, right now im using all forward to a default address sip:*298xxxxxxxx@voxalot.com

What i was wondering was how does the priority from pattern work ? (if i dont want it to forward to one address as default)

I know the call forward works if i have activated call forward as default and my provider are registered.

What i want is for example :

I have 2 sipgate accounts with uk number and both are registered with account 990921. What i want is to forward one of the calls to for exampel to *298xxxxxxx2 and the second number to *298xxxxxxx3.

How would the call forward setting look like then ? How would voxalot call forwarding know what to do ? I guess i have to use the priority from pattern function, but i do not understand how it works ? what shell i write there ?

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