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voxraf 06-13-2007 11:03 PM

Voxalot, Sipgate and Trunking
Hey Guys

After almost kicking my pbx since it wouldnt work inbound with sipgate, voxalot was a light at the end of the tunnel, however ive got a couple of problems/questions:

1. Suddenly one of my two sipgate accounts in my voxalot failed to register, while the other one is absolutly fine. When I tried to push it to re-register again, no matter what I did it wouldnt go and try to re-register it would just come up as failed straight away. it appears that the details are some how cached or held within voxalot. So the question is, when is it possible to get a clean register going again for the same account.

2. If for example you have two account with the same VSP and voxalot is dealing with them for you, and you want to route the incoming calls each account to a different extension on your pbx. I noticed that voxalot will let you analyse the incoming CID and route accordingly however it tell you where it is routing to. You cannot specify an extension or a URI or anything.

3. Even though setting up a trunk between my pbx and voxalot was easy, but getting voxalot to route calls over that trunk that I made, still baffels me. Could someone let me know how its done?

Thanks in advance

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