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majo 07-05-2007 11:00 AM

WebCallBack suggession?
Hi Voxalot team,
Thanks for wonderfull service. I have one suggesion for webcallback service. In webcallback page 'Your Number' should read value from cookies and it should be optional to save in phone book. If there is nothing specified in 'Your Number' then this value be read from cookies while calling and if value is not save then it should ask user & save in cookies for next time like Batmex webcallback do. If we implement WCB like this then if user access webcallback page from office computer then 'Your Number' will be office desk number and if user access webcallback from home then 'Your Number' will be home number.
It will be very easy to use WCB feature from home & office or anywhere...
User will have to make phonebook onetime and can use from any computer.

With best regards.


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