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goondu 10-12-2009 02:11 PM

a. For enum:
OK, after much test with SMART CALL feature, I managed to figure out enum and SIPBROKER.

Once I had registered my mobile number with enum, in my SMALL CALL config, I have to select provider as 'SIPBROKER'. And my subsequent call to my mobile number will be direct to my registered SIP number.

Yup, that's a very useful feature.

Now I would like to figure out what if select VOXALOT as provider instead. For my enum registered SIP number, it was xxxxx@voxalot.com, so either provider voxalot or sipbroker will be ok for me. However if my enum registered SIP number was registered under xxxxx@YYY.COM, then I can only select VOXALOT as provider (provided YYY is a member of SIPBROKER). Is it correct?

But how to confiure such the way that when my VOXALOT was offline, it will go to my regular mobile phone?

gabbar.singh 12-17-2009 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by emoci (Post 24342)
-I tell E164.org that whenever someone looks up the database for the number the associated SIP URI is 123456@voxalot.com

If my voxalot id is 123456, my SIP URI will be 123456@voxalot.com or 123456@eu.voxalot.com or 123456@us.voxalot.com or 123456@au.voxalot.com.

Do all these SIP URI mean the same thing?

hddlab 12-19-2009 10:16 AM

Sip Uri
Yes, your sip URI will be 123456@us.voxalot.com.

But as you can see I use the us proxy, why? Simple my Voxalot number is registred at a softphone with the us Proxy.

So I think (I´m not shure) that your Sip URI will depend on where are your Voxalot number registred, unless they have theyer Network ( for users, of course) registred in another class the the If they have it in a Class that permit differents Network see theyerselfs in this case does not matter what you will use as a proxy (Voxalot proxy, of course) you can use us, eu or proxy1, proxy2, because all them will work.

I hope this explanantion can help you as my english is not so good.

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