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Iwantvoxalot 09-22-2011 10:03 AM

Just wondering
I have made a few posts re my ACCOUNT that has gone missing in action... just disappeared on day... and that I cant open a New account because the member server to join is down,,, still no response and I have read many other posts requesting help...

BUT my new problem is why is this forum area called I quote from above

Voxalot Support Support for the Voxalot service.

As I have not received and most of the other posts have not received anything that would remotely resemble SUPPORT if you are lucky another member has a stab in the dark of how your problem maybe fixed BUT certainly no support from VOXALOT has been forthcoming....

Yes Voxalot has a good service when it is working but when it is down or you have a problem the best bet is to sit back and wait until they eventually fix the problem as asking for assistance in this VOXALOT SUPPORT service is not going to help in most cases unless your lucky enough for the whole service to crash then they fix....eventually.

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