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flroots 02-13-2007 06:13 PM

Accessing Voxalot voicemail
I'm a newbie. I can't get the *500 to work for accessing Voxalot voicemail. The *600 does get me the echo test so it would seem that my ATA is setup OK. Is there something I'm missing? I've already got several providers registered with Voxalot and able to make outgoing calls and receiving incoming calls through my DID provider.

martin 02-13-2007 09:11 PM

When you enter *500 in the test field on the dial plan list page what does it report?

flroots 02-13-2007 10:32 PM

Hello Martin:
It shows:
"A call to:*500 will get forwarded to sip:500@us.voxalot.com"

flroots 02-13-2007 11:13 PM

Upon further testing I discovered that 500 without the * does work. Also when I test 500 in the Dial Plan I get:
A call to:500 will not get forwarded.

which seems strange.

flroots 02-15-2007 02:05 AM

Problem solved. There is a setup parameter in my Grandstream HT-496 called 'Enable Call Features' and it must be set to 'No'. Now both 500 and *500 work. The manual states: "If set to yes, Call Forwarding & Do-Not-Disturb are supported locally"

kurun 02-15-2007 02:26 PM

Voicemail access using *500 on HT-496
Thanks for that. I have noticed the same problem, and could not find a solution.
I usually listen to the VM on an IP phone which does not have this problem.

I checked the Manual and *50 is the code for Disable call waiting.

The ATA reacts to this immediately without any timeout for further entries or requiring an enter action (#). So then it takes the last part "0#" as a separate entry.

Is it possible for Voxalot to create an access code for Voicemail that does not conflict with the feature list? I believe that there is some standardization in these *xx feature codes, though I have not done too much searching lately.


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