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andy 12-01-2006 12:30 AM

Filters on numbers?
I use callback on Voxalot, and I'm wondering about a couple of calls that didn't connect.

Do numbers have to be entered in international format, or can they be as if locally to the provider?

I tried calling an Irish 1800 number via Blueface as the second leg of the call. I'd previously tried the number with X-lite and Blueface, so I know it connects, but this time, not even the first leg of the call rang, maybe because of this or a different reason?

ctylor 12-01-2006 03:29 AM

You need to enter the number exactly as the provider itself you are using for the number would expect to see it sent to them.

So for instance, when you call via SipBroker, you'd enter something like this:
*393613 (and that would be the equivalent of 'calling' by SIP URI sip:*393613@sipbroker.com)

When via Voxalot, you'd enter:
123456 (and that would be the equivalent of 'calling' by SIP URI sip:123456@voxalot.com)

When via Gizmo Project as the provider to a North American toll free, you'd dial:
18005558355 (and that would be the equivalent of 'calling' by SIP URI sip:18005558355@proxy01.sipphone.com using your username/password credentials - the same number could be dialed by sip:*74718005558355@sipbroker.com or *74718005558355 via SipBroker in the webcallback)

martin 12-01-2006 03:36 AM

Also Irish 1800 numbers may be conflicting with U.S ENUM numbers. Try entering the 1800 number you are trying to call here:


andy 12-01-2006 12:11 PM

Thanks both

I dialled it as 1800820820 via Blueface first on X-lite then via Voxalot web callback

After the search I'm more confused. The number is a PSTN callthrough access from the Finarea cheap calls operation 13434.ie and the result is

e164.arpa.(3ms) ---Not Found---
e164.org.(3ms) sip:800820820@public.sip.magrathea.net
e164.info.(155ms) sip:800820820@public.sip.magrathea.net
e164.televolution.net.(95ms) ---Not Found---
enum.org.(3ms) ---Not Found---
Magrathea is a UK company that supplies behind the scenes facilities to lots of phone companies - wholesale termination, numbering for many UK VoIP providers etc. I don't know if they operate in USA ...

Other Finarea PSTN access numbers are not ENUM enabled, and I wouldn't really expect them to be. And what is the point of adding a freephone number anyway? Does this mean I could use Sipbroker to connect instead though (that's if it's actually the same destination)?

Oh well - 13434 have told me only Irish payment details can be used anyway, and I also haven't found out yet whether Blueface would send them a caller ID if I subscribe and get one ...

My underlying plot is to get roaming mobile to foreign mobile calls for 13 eurocents a minute (via 2 callthroughs). As I can reach UK mobiles for this or 8c and landlines from 6c or 2c maybe that's enough for now

evilbunny 12-01-2006 11:36 PM

+1800 numbers should have 7 digits following (US numbers), if you are trying to call an Australian 1800 number you need to add a dial plan to cope with only 6 digits following, or you need to dial 611800 <number>

andy 12-02-2006 02:24 PM

Well after trying a couple of other things, it seems maybe that wasn't the problem after all. It was the first half of the call that wasn't working, to a DID diverted to Voipcheap; this rings when dialled from pstn but not from Babble or Blueface either direct or via Voxalot callback.

Presumably this is about Voipcheap only accepting some incoming peering calls. Using a different first number I think the Irish 1800 is being reached.

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