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voxguyca 10-14-2010 11:20 PM

Voxalot and Sipdroid - call problems
Was wondering if someone might help me to diagnose some difficulties I've been having getting Sipdroid to play nicely with Voxalot - I've tried a few things but am still stumped. Here are the details:

- I have a premium Voxalot account with two voice service providers - netfone.ca and pfingo
- I have an old Sipura ATA set up to connect with Voxalot at home through a DSL connection
- the home connection works great through both service providers
- I tried setting up Sipdroid on my Android device, using the setup instructions from the Voxalot site for iPhones (I think using something called SIAX?)
- I do not go through pbxes.org but rather connect directly to us.voxalot.com
- I get the little green indicator which indicates that Sipdroid has successfully registered
- When I try the *600 echo test, all works well - quality seems good, only slight lag - whether WiFi or 3G
- However, whenever I try to dial a real phone number, things get ugly - sometimes I hear a ring tone, most times not. Patchy connections at best, often with Sipdroid indicating "no data". Then after a minute or two the call is always dropped.

I'm a bit surprised by the end result - would have thought once the echo test works, then the rest of it would work. Not even sure where to begin troubleshooting. Might there be an issue because I have my ATA at home registered and also am trying to register Sipdroid at the same time? If so I would have thought that would also affect the echo test.

Anyway, if there is anyone who has gone through this I'd certainly appreciate any thoughts you might have.


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