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shezad 10-23-2006 12:27 AM

Call forwarding & adapter device help
Hi im new at this and wanted to know if someone can help with this.

I just made a voxalot account, and have 2 voip account listed in provided list. I tried to call my self true callback system and it worked fine.

Im not sure if it is possible but how can i use voxalot on a grandstream 486 adapter or a linksys spa 1001 ?

Pluss how do call forward work ? If it is possible i would like to forward all my calls comming from 1 voip account listed on my provided list to my regular phone using sipbroker. It worked true webcall, i used sipbroker to call my regular land line here in Norway *298(and the phone number) and used the other voip account to call cheap på asia, the asian number i do have i can recive and dial out with.

I was hoping that if my famili in Asia calls my asian number i could call forward that call with sipbroker because my voip provider allows sipbroker calls inn. Is this possible ? If yes, how ?

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