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elleff 06-27-2007 01:16 PM

Help with complex problem
Hopefully I can explain this well enough!

I have two devices registered to use Voxalot:
  • A Nokia E65
  • A Netgear ATA

I have two providers registered with Voxalot
  • Sip Telecom which I am using for incoming calls from a DID
  • Pennytel which I use for all outgoing calls from my two devices (through Voxalot)

How the problem started:
  1. I received a phone call from phone number 123456 (not the real number of course), which came through my DID with Sip Telecom.
  2. Both my Nokia and my cordless phone (connected to the Netgear ATA) rang
  3. When I answered my cordless the Nokia kept ringing
  4. I started talking to the person and thought nothing of it
  5. When the Nokia stopped ringing I could no longer hear the person I was talking to

I then registered only the Nokia or the Netgear ATA to Voxalot and have no issues at all with the Nokia but the following issues with the Netgear ATA:
  • I cannot dial the number 123456, I finish dialing the number and hear two soft beeps, then after a while the phone goes dead
  • I can call any other number with no problem
  • If someone calls me, I can hear them but they cannot hear me
  • If I call someone there is no problem, we can both hear each other

What I have tried to isolate/fix the problem:
  • I tried forwarding all calls to the number 123456 then called my own DID from the cordless/Netgear and it worked with no problems
  • I registered my Netgear straight to Pennytel instead of Voxalot and also had no problems
  • I have reset my router, computer and modem to try to fix the problem and this did nothing

If anyone can understand what has gone wrong I would really appreciate some help!

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