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andy 04-12-2007 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by El_Condor (Post 7653)
This sounds quite interesting!

But until now I found only Voxalot's Web Callback and the Mobile Callback. Both involve websites where you put your number and the one you want to call.

A "real" callback does not need any web site. You ring a number, hang up and then the number calls you back. Then you can put in the number you want to call and use the cheap prices of your VoIP provider.

Is this possible with Voxalot?

In many poor countries people have telephone but no internet. Also the data prices for mobile phones are high. So a "real" callback with Voxalot would be very welcome. But I did not find this function in the tutorial.

There are several methods for setting up callback, and no reason to describe only one as "real"

It's true that Voxalot's mobile callback uses some data on the mobile, but only about 2k I think, in the order of a couple of cents on most tariffs.

mgoebel 04-12-2007 12:15 PM

There are several methods for setting up callback...

Originally Posted by andy (Post 7656)
There are several methods for setting up callback, and no reason to describe only one as "real"

So tell me !

As I said: I did not find it in the tutorial. RTFM is no answer. ;)

Where can I find an explication to set up a callback without a website / mobile website. When I am visiting my family in Peru there is no internet / mobile internet but there is a phone.

andy 04-12-2007 12:42 PM

I don't think I meant to imply that Voxalot had all these options

As far as I can see, both Claro and Movistar have data. Or is there no mobile signal there either?

mgoebel 04-12-2007 01:16 PM

Data plans in Peru
I suppose that you are right.

But last time I was in Peru I better should not have carried my cell phone, because the calls were so expensive with my German SIM card. The normal way to make calls in Lima is from coin phones. The fixed line phones of most of my friends have contracts with only 230 minutes a month. This means that after two weeks they can normally only receive calls. So they use the coin-operated telephones outside.

With the described call back on fixed line phones (which also works on many Peruvian coin phones) they could save much money and also I could save when I visit them for the next time. Another point is that mobile phone coverage in Peru is not very good outside the capital.

But also I understand that Voxalot has to earn money with premium services such as mobile callback. At PBXes you can also use the callback only with a premium account.

Mew 04-12-2007 04:31 PM

I wanted to use Voxalot as an extension of pbxes.org, but if it doesn't work very well...

In fact I wanted to use the ring back tone which doesn't exist on Voxalot and use other devices than my personal ATA, add my parent's lanline to the network...

wilsonhlacerda 04-12-2007 04:35 PM

Hi, all. Nice discussion. I live in Brazil, here we have more than 100.000.000 mobiles all over the country, what is almost 40% of all latin america mobiles, but we are yet a third world country and I know exactly what El_Condor is saying: very expensive voice and data and good coverage only in big cities. People (and businessmen!) from rich countries tend to forget this. This is a very good example in the VoIP subject:
My VoIP Provider - VoIP Services - - VoIP - The Arrogant Digital Divide

The callback El_Condor is missing is known as "ANI Callback" and far away this is the best callback of all of them. For poor and rich countries.

BUT PLEASE open a new topic to continue this discussion! This topic is for a problem of VoXaLot not working as an extension of PBXes! :)

By the way, can anyone help me solve this problem with VoXaLot? :(
Please read my 3 first posts of the topic.

wilsonhlacerda 04-13-2007 05:51 PM

No way to have VoXaLot as an extension of PBXes? What's weird is that it worked for 2 days!

I love VoXaLot and I'd like to stay with it. But if it can not register to my provider nor register to a PBXes extension for me to put an workaround in place, I think there's no option to me than completely move to PBXes till the problem with VoXaLot and my provider is solved.

I really want to go with VoXaLot. Can anyone help anyway?

wilsonhlacerda 04-14-2007 09:52 PM

And now...another problem!
On my every day test in order to see if somehow VoXaLot started to work again as an extension of PBXes I realized a new problem: VoXaLot will not ring.

Till yesterday the problem was only no audio. Now, although VoXaLot is registered to the PBXes extension (status in VoXaLot is "registered" and its extension is green in the PBXes status) VoXaLot do not ring. Seems that the call is automatically answered, as far as I can see when monitoring it in the PBXes status. This happen no matter if a put a call from another extension (registered to X-PRO) or I receive an external call via my provider configured as a trunk in PBXes.

Any help? It is very easy to replicate the problems. Can someone from VoXaLot investigate it?

martin 04-15-2007 12:33 AM


Originally Posted by wilsonhlacerda (Post 7764)
Any help? It is very easy to replicate the problems. Can someone from VoXaLot investigate it?

You need to provide more details. As a free service, we do not have the time or resource to look at peoples individual problems.

Please provide a connection diagram. e.g.

Is it ATA<-->Voxalot<-->Pbxes ?

Then you need to determine which leg is causing problems. You can do this by using trying SIP Broker access numbers etc.

If you provide as much diagnostics as possible then we can help.

wilsonhlacerda 04-15-2007 02:37 AM

Thank you for your help Martin. I've already done exactly this in the very beginning of this topic. Please see posts #1, #4 and #5 of this thread.

If you need any additional info just let me know.

Thanks, Wilson.

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