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sebastien 07-17-2007 11:10 AM

voxalot pro and extensions
Hello Voxalot, and bravo for your new site and new proposals.
A year ago I was using your services for my office and my home. So I had 2 different registration, with 2 different Lower Cost Routines. And this was a pb, so I quit and went to Easypabx.com and I rent them 4 extensions, using 3 for my office and 1 for my home. And I have only one administration for all these extensions.
Now, I see your new offers, but it seems you dont offer extensions, even in your "pro" one ? Is it on purpose ? Are you going to ? Meanwhile, may I , if I register to this offer, use 4 times the same Id/Password ? on my 4 phones ? What happen then if someone rings in ? are the 4 phones going to ring at the same time ?
In fact my question is: are you a Pabx ?
And I wish you were, you have a nice service, enum stuff, a good community, I could even advertise on planc.info for you.

Best regards.

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