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tuttle 02-11-2007 08:33 PM

Strange loopback problem
I have a strange problem here, but according to this post it seems to be a known problem.

As my sip provider sipgate.de doesn't allow sip calls to or from other sip providers, i use voxalot as my main sip account and have voxalot registered with sipgate. So my dialplan is simply forwarding all calls to sipgate.de. Everything works fine in almost any cases, incoming as well as outgoing. But in a certain situation it doesn't work:

If I call a a number of another sipgate.de user, and this user is also using voxalot to register, then i get a busy signal. But if I call the same number over PSTN it works perfectly. Also if the user doesn't register over voxatel, but directly registers his device at sipgate.de, it works perfectly. So the problem only occurs, if the path is
my device -> voxalot -> sipgate.de -> voxalot -> his device

pstn -> sipgate -> voxalot -> his device
my device -> voxalot -> sipgate.de -> his device

I cannot use the SIP-code to call these people, as sipgate.de doesn't allow calls from outside anymore. I also have no way to find out the voxalot number of the user to call him directly. So my only possibility in these cases (if I identify it as such a problem at all) is to call the person over PSTN and ask him for his voxatel number.

Any suggestions? Is this problem being worked on?

Thanks and cheers,


martin 02-12-2007 02:58 AM

Hello Sven,

Yes this is a known restriction in our system (well observed). Technically it is not a lookback problem but more if what is known as a spiral problem.

As part of the re-development of our new call forwading system we must overcome this exact situation, so you can expect things will work for you once this new enhancement is relased.

Edit: This problem has addressed as part of the latest release. See http://forum.voxalot.com/showthread.php?t=1119

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