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carlosalbffgomes 06-02-2010 10:31 PM

Problems with EU Server
EU Server is not working OK. Dial plans partial fail to work and, despite changing preferred cluster to US, several hours after the EU server still tries to register on my VSPs. If needed, I can PM my Voxalot number.

zoemcalister 04-10-2011 10:06 AM

Still no luck in using my dial plans icw with the EU server
These problems seem to be persistent!
I just want to make use of the EU server and I want to be able to use my dial plans with it.
I and people I setup Voxalot for, still encounter problems with sound, calls being cut off, etc.
So, we just go back and forth form the EU server to the US server..
We all use different sip phones or ATA's, so I can't say the problems occur with one specific type of hardware.

Anyone who can help?

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