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bdlhome 09-09-2008 10:39 PM


Originally Posted by emoci (Post 18950)
There is a way to check on the CallCentric end, you'll find it reports as Registered on their end....all that said, from the thread I pointed you to, you can skip SIP Registering CallCentric altogether, since their Call Treatments allow you to send calls via SIP URI directly to VoXalot (hence you can save that registration slot on VoXalot for something else)

As for SipGate ... it is a known anomaly, however what's more important to you about SipGate, your DID with them, or the ability to make calls out (make outgoing calls should work without needing to register)

As for the DID, where is it based, there is a good chance you can grab a similar one from another provider...

I did also read somewhere else that they were blocking outgoing calls unless the same device was registered for incoming, not sure if that is the case as I didn't check.

The most important thing about Sipgate to me is my DID with them. For outgoing calls their rates are slightly higher than others such as Callcentric (depending on exchange rates) so that I can live a change there. Actually that is probably the reason they are not so friendly because they are obviously trying to protect their outgoing calls with them offering free incoming DID.

The number is in the UK and it's free plus a number I've had for several years which is why I want to keep it. In addition to keeping the number Sipgate has actually been a very reliable and cost effective solution so I'm not looking to dump them unless that is the only choice.

bdlhome 09-09-2008 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by kurun (Post 18948)
I just checked again and my Sipgate test account is definitely registered.
Perhaps you might have an error in the credentials entries?

I dont believe so, I was copying and pasting and it worked when I went back to my SPA3000.

Also from other responses in this thread it's a bit of a mute point because my DID with them wouldn't work even if I could get it to register. I think you said in a previous message that you didn't have DID to check.

emoci 09-10-2008 02:19 AM


Originally Posted by bdlhome (Post 18961)
plus a number I've had for several years which is why I want to keep it.

There isn't much I can say to that... I know Orbtalk.co.uk as well as Eutelia will let you pick a UK based number by city, and they also both offer them for free...

The only other thing to mention: What kind of router do you have. I say this because DDWRT and/or Tomato for the Linksys WRT54G/L have an integrated option to set DynDNS or No-IP within the router so the router notifies the service with every IP change... which makes the option of using DynDNS or No-IP slighly more reliable ...

Finally I'd give a try to PBXes or MySipSwitch and see if you have any luck getting SipGate to correctly register with either one (if you can have either of those properly registered and receiving calls, you can then easily route those calls back to VoXalot ... for the record My SipGate.co.uk acct. with an 845 number (I just have it for the sake of testing) still shows as registered in PBXes but the last time I tested to place a call in, it'd come up busy... will test again tonight to see if anything's changed)

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