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MarkosJal 11-09-2010 12:18 AM

inbound routing
I want my inbound calls to ring to voxalot when I am connected and forward to my cell when I am not connected.

The problem that I have is that when I set the priority 1 voxalot account then priority 2 as my cell number, the call never rings to my cell when not registered to voxalot.. When I remove the voxalot account from incoming rules, it will ring on my cell.

I hyave tried this for over a year and thought it was my provioder but have now confirmed it is not.


emoci 11-17-2010 03:42 AM

The forwarding feature just does not support that type of of forwarding (Forward if Unavailable) at the moment.

My suggestion... if you have a SipSorcery acct. ... is to use something like:


sys.log("***Starting New Call Event***")

sys.log("***Incoming Call Starting***")
sys.log("Incoming Call From  #{req.Header.From.FromName} at #{req.Header.From.FromURI.User}@#{req.Header.From.FromURI.Host}")
sys.log("Call is for #{req.URI.User}")
cid = req.Header.From.FromURI.User
trunk = req.URI.User
sys.log("*** CID: #{cid} ***")
sys.log("*** Trunk: #{trunk} ***")

#****Have Calls Ring ATA or Forward if Offline****

sys.Log("Accepting Call")
      if sys.IsAvailable() then
            sys.Log("The ATA is online.")
            sys.Log("The ATA is off-line.")

For this to work... you would need to simultaneously register to both VoXalot and SipSorcery ... and when disconected be disconnected from both (after all SipSorcery can't exactly check that you're connected to VoXalot).

If it sees you're connected... it'll send your calls to VoXalot SIP URI... if not connected it'll use VoXalot (you'll have to add it as an outgoing provider in SipSorcery) to dial your cell/landline number (as per your Smart Call/Dial plan).

The only other reliable (cheap but not free) alternative I know that'll do what you want, is Voip.ms (about 25 cents/month and 0.1 cents/min for incoming)

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