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manula 05-01-2007 04:10 AM

Pennytel account not really registering
I added a pennytel account (the type with local DID attached to it). Voxalot shows the account as being registered with the pennytel server but it is in fact not registered. I checked with pennytel support and they told me the account is not registered. As a proof of this, when I call my pennytel DID my voip phone registered vith voxalot does not ring.
I asked Pennytel if they are blocking VOxalot and they said they are not.
Not sure why it's not working then...
my voxalot account is 221250.

Thanks a million!

martin 05-01-2007 05:12 AM

Just checked the EU telephony server and it shows registered. Bare in mind that re-registration happens every 3600 secs.

So if PennyTel have dropped the registration for whatever reason we won't know about it. That's the way SIP works BTW.

I will PM you the PennyTel account number to cross reference.

manula 05-01-2007 07:34 AM

Hi Martin,

thanks for your help. Unfortunately I've been keeping an eye on my voxalot/pennytel situation and the truth is I've never seen the account as being "online" from within my pennytel account, while voxalot always shows it as being "registered".
I know that pennytel account and DID work because I am able to use it if I register directly to pennytel using my ip phone.
Does anyone else experience this problem?

martin 05-01-2007 07:43 AM


Originally Posted by manula (Post 8462)
Does anyone else experience this problem?

There are a heck of a lot of PennyTel registrations in our system. Maybe one of those members can check their PennyTel status for you.

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