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LG1 10-09-2011 09:29 PM

Outgoing SIP provider with no registration? More info
Hi All,

Looking at Vaxalot and it sounds great. Just looking at the basic features and im unsure of this:

"Note: Some Voice Service Providers require a SIP registration before an outbound call can be made. A VoxPremium account is required for members that wish to make outbound calls using these types of providers."

Just trying to find more info about SIP providers with no registration. Some things I would like to know:
What is an example of such a provider?
What authentication/security measures does this method provide?
Does anyone use this account(voxbasic) to access PSTN? and how?

I have been searching and haven't turned up much, hopefully someone on here with experience can save me some time.


MGifos 10-10-2011 09:44 AM

I have not tried, but I think that Pennytel.com.au is an example of a provide that does not require SIP Registration to make outgoing calls. (I have not checked this for many years.) You can create a Pennytel account and enter the details into Voxalot and should be able to make calls to PSTN numbers, providing that you have credit in you Pennytel account. The authentication is required for your calls through Voxalot.
I sense that you may have some confusion between 'registration' and 'SIP registration'. You still need to 'register' or sign on an create an account at Pennytel, and record your account and password details in Voxalot, but your Voxalot account does not need to do a 'SIP Registration' with Pennytel, it just sends you authorization details to Pennytel when you make a call.

kurun 10-14-2011 02:14 PM

Many if not most providers do not require registration for outgoing calls.
Examples are all the Betamax variants (Voipcheap, Actionvoip, etc), Callcentric, etc.

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