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Zarkov 03-21-2007 02:32 PM

Setup FWD with voxalot
OK im new to all this so bear with me please.

Ive got a speedtouch 780 from Bethere (Be box)
Ive signed up with sipgate and setup the router with the sipgate info and all worked well :)

Then i signed up with voxalot, setup the router with the voxalot info and set sipgate as a provider. Setup a Dial plan so if i dial 9 + a number it routes via sipgate. this works fine and i can recieve incomming calls on my sipgate number too.

Then i setup a viopdiscount accout to make use of the free calls to the UK and Australia, only to then find out they blocked voxalot so that dont work, unless i use the web callback feature from the voipdiscount site.

Then after reading the forums decided to setup a FWD account so i could route the UK freefone numbers through them.

Ive setup the account, added the provider info, added the dial plans. but when i try to call a freefone number i just get a continuous fast beeping noise. The same noise i get when the dial plan tried to route via the non working voipdiscount.

My dial plans are as follows

9        _9.        ${EXTEN:1}        Sipgate        Yes       
10        _01.        0044${EXTEN:1}        Voip Discount        Yes       
20        _02.        0044${EXTEN:1}        Voip Discount        Yes       
30        _0800.        *44800${EXTEN:4}        FWD        Yes       
31        _0808.        *44808${EXTEN:4}        FWD        Yes       
32        _0500.        *44500${EXTEN:4}        FWD        Yes       
999        _xxxx.        ${EXTEN}        Sipgate        Yes

The plans are all active and i cant see why this wont work.
I have tried setting the provider as registered and unregistered and get the same results.

Any info or advice would really be appreciated.

Many Thanks


Zarkov 03-21-2007 02:51 PM

Its ok ive sussed it by reading the post from The_king, which gave similar problems :)

The King 03-21-2007 03:05 PM


I thought UK free phone numbers were free with sipgate anyway, so not sure why you need a FWD account for these? Just an observation to make life simpler maybe!

I have zero credit with sipgate, and I'm calling 0800 numbers no problem at all.

Zarkov 03-21-2007 03:31 PM

that is a distinct possability lol, i set it all up the night before last while i was tired, but only went and got a new dect cordless phone to use with my viop today, so not really been able to use it.

Buts its still good experience to work out how all this stuff works lol.

All i need now is a voip provider or 2 that will give me free uk landline numbers and free Australian landline calls that work with voxalot, Then ill be all set and happy.

Thnaks for the info tho and i will look into it now :)

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