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TBhimdi 03-09-2007 06:07 AM

3 Voicemail Feature Requests
Voxalot is amazing btw, I'm loving it, but there are three things I would like added to your development list.

1) Quicker MWI changes. Right now message waiting indicator changes take a few minutes to "go through" I've noticed. Coming from other voip providers, I've noticed their's are almost instantaneous. Delete all voicemail, indicator light and stuttering tone are gone almost immediately. Get voicemail, light shows up. Emails are instantaneous though, just the MWI that takes a while.

2) Ability to listen and delete voicemail online. Dialing in to delete voicemail is annoying, especially after you've listened to the .wav file that's in your Inbox.

3) Bypass mailbox and/or password request based on caller. I'd like the ability to set it so that I don't have to punch in my mailbox/password if calling from my cell phone. It's tricky enough having to remember to enter *010500 to access Voxalot's voicemail. Yup, tricky to remember that for me, honest.

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