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BBD 02-14-2007 07:50 AM

Talk2Me4Free.com powered by VoXaLot
Hi all, using the power of VoIP, funding from Data Networks Australia and with the permission of Tony and Martin from VoXaLot, I have created a website called Talk2Me4Free.com which, amongst other things, allows users world wide to call one another for free.

Here is a list of just some of the features available to members:

# Free calls to members world wide
# Free voicemail so you don't miss a call
# Personal guestbook for users to sign
# Personal blog
# Upload your photos
# Upload your sounds/music
# Upload your videos
# Create your own polls
# Rate other member's profiles
# Rate other member's photos
# Send virtual kisses to other members
# Send private messages to other members
# Chat to other members via our chatrooms
# Create and maintain your own personal profile
# Customise your profile's appearance
# Add other members to your Friends list
# Hotlist other members
# Block other members
# Password protect your photos

The best part is, membership is free! Feel free to sign up now.

Thanks again Tony & Martin for making this website possible.

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