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wtl 09-13-2006 05:14 PM

Broadvoice registration question
I was just referred to voxalot today, and it looks great!

After configuring everything, I'm awaiting registration of my broadvoice provider, and I've seen from other posts that this may take 24 hours.

I've also seen at least one report that some broadvoice proxies don't work with voxalot. My prefered proxy is proxy.chi.broadvoice.com, and that's what I have as the host in my provider entry.

Can anyone else who is successfully using Broadvoice with Voxalot tell me whether that proxy entry should work, or should I use sip.broadvoice.com? I ask because I'd hate to wait 24 hours only to find that proxy.chi.broadvoice.com doesn't work, and then have to reconfigure and wait another 24.

Also, is the username just the phone number, or should it include @sip.broadvoice.com or some such?

wtl 09-14-2006 04:04 PM

Well, after 24 hours my status is "Request Sent", which I presume means the registration failed.

I do wish there was easily accessible documentation somewhere. You can't search the forum for "request sent", and searching without the quotes gives you way too many non-applicable results. Only by using google (site:forum.voxalot.com "request sent") was I able to find the information about what "request sent" might mean.

The 24 hours turnaround is a real pain, I hope that is resolved soon.

In the meantime, I've created 3 more provider records with various forms of my broadvoice username (xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx@broadvoice.com, xxxxxxxxxx@sip.broadvoice.com), to see which, if any, will register. I figure that may save time over waiting 24 hours each try?

I came here because a post at e-series.org indicated I might be able to finally use the SIP client on my Nokia e61, but without better documentation, assistance or faster turnaround, so far I'm not overly impressed. If I get it working, I may be. I'd be happy to pay for a service like this, if the process were documented, registration turnaround was reasonable, and tech support was available.

klydal 09-15-2006 10:04 PM

I found using sip.broadvoice.com allows you to make outgoing calls, but not receive them. I don't think there is any way to receive calls unless you forward to a DID or something which points to your vox#. If you figure out something lots of us would like to know. Thanks.

wtl 09-25-2006 04:01 PM

I couldn't get Broadvoice working with voxalot, so I tried pbxes.com. Broadvoice didn't work there either, but in contrast to voxalot, pbxes called me up and spent two days working on the problem until they got it resolved. They had to make some changes to their trunking to make it work, something that couldn't be done by the user in the web interface. Broadvoice now works fine, both outgoing and incoming, with pbxes.com.

I'd have used voxalot instead, if they had bothered to respond to my question and look into supporting Broadvoice properly.

jmstosch 11-25-2006 09:50 PM

Broadvoice / Voxalot / pbxes.org
Hi wtl,

I am thinking about getting Broadvoice because I need a number in a US town that not even voicestick supplies. Have you tried Broadvoice with Voxalot again? I have looked into pbxes.org but their ping time (I am in NY state) is much more latent than voxalot. Also, the audio-through which pbxes.org offers does not work (not even with FWD). So because of the latency - that will not be an option for me. Please advice.

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