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Conversation Between maxalot and Oskar
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  1. Oskar
    06-09-2010 04:37 AM
    Hi Maxalot, Please help, I have no experience with forums and was not even able to log a post if that is what you do. I was a telephone technician in australia when dinosaurs were still roaming the world. I have spoken to Exetel my internet provider who is also providing a number of phone numbers for me, which are registered on Voxalot. A technician from Exetel has looked and has told me that there is no registration request packets coming from Voxalot however my account says they are registered and active and worked a week or so ago?? Could you assist me with placing this request please. My ignorance in this matter is also vast, I feel like an omeba from the gamma quadrant being asked to play three dimensional chess whilst juggling chain saws. Busier than a one legged man on Ass kicking day.Kind regards Oskar

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