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Conversation Between martin and zcharming
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  1. zcharming
    11-15-2009 03:57 AM
    my ID is 888433, is premium user.
    I think I can use virtual toll free call, but today, I found "call blocked!"
    what's the matter with my ID?
    I use voxalot just for switch the call,
    is this wrong way to use voxalot?
    I use voxalot's virtual toll free function to reach my goal.
    it should be the normal way to use voxalot, i think!

    the webcallback function have been call blocked too.
    what's the wrong! why should I buy this voxalot premium id?

    I want to get a solution about my issue. how to do may I? please tell me.
    I don't want waste my money for this premium voxalot ID.

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