View Full Version : I call FWD - Voxalot answers the call ????

06-05-2006, 12:54 PM

My problem is a litle extrange. I have a number 774XXX in voxalot. I also have de same number, 774XXX in fwd. I have set up no forwarding in none of the services. When I call fwd (*393774XXX) from pstn, my voicemail at voxalot answers and sends 2 mails to my mailbox. One of them with the real message and the other with file.wav with no sound and 1K size

Perhaps, someone can figure out the problem and give me an idea.



06-05-2006, 01:38 PM
Hi diprufa

I had the exact same problem when I tried to setup the 'forward to voicemail' feature in my ATA. (Two messages, 1 good, 1 blank)

I did this because I wanted the call to go to Voxalot VM before the standard 35 seconds. This was not giving good results, instead it was causing two voicemail messages to be left.

Removing the forwarding in my ATA, solved the problem and now I am waiting the 35 seconds for the call to go to VM, completely handled by Voxalot.

Unfortunately with SIPphone, their VM or no voicemail available message answers before Voxalot get to it. With my other VSPs everything works fine.

Not sure if this helps.


06-05-2006, 01:55 PM
Hi Richard,

I appreciate your answer, but I still cant solve my problem. I cant figure out "where" is the relation between Voxalot and FWD. I dial my FWD number (*393774xxx) and Voxalot answers the call. I havent setup any forwarding in none of the services.

Perhaps is something to do with sipbroker....because the call is originated in the sipbroker net (I dial a pstn access number in Argentina)

I think the problem is a bit clear now. Thanks.