View Full Version : Announcing Premium Virtual Toll Free

08-26-2007, 11:47 PM
Today we are pleased to announce that we will shortly be launching Premium Virtual Toll Free. Currently Virtual Toll Free is available to all members for free. We offer this for free as it includes Voxalot branding i.e. Powered by Voxalot.

Premium Virtual Toll Free will function exactly like Virtual Toll Free but, additionally, will have the ability to replace the button images and text colouring to reflect the member’s company/website branding. Premium Virtual Toll Free will incur an annual subscription of US$300.

We recommend that members interested in using Premium Virtual Toll Free should first use the free version of the button, set up their providers and appropriate smart call rules, get the free version working and once satisfied then purchase the Premium Virtual Toll Free if they wish to change the button images and branding


The Voxalot Team.