View Full Version : VoxPremium goes live 16th July, 2007

07-16-2007, 05:28 AM
At long last, after months of preparation and hard work by the Voxalot team, we have just launched a new brand, new look and feel web site and the VoxPremium family of products. We will continue to offer a free service to those members who want to use the basic functions, called VoxBasic. VoxPremium members will have access to the advanced functions such as web call back, call forwarding and SIP registrations. The feature comparison table provides a comparison between a VoxBasic and VoxPremium accounts, along with the annual subscription fee. VoxPremium will be available in three different packages: VoxLite, VoxPro and VoxExtreme.

A VoxPremium subscription will give you Web Call Back, Call Forwarding and enable you to have up to 10 providers registered against your VSPs in order to enable in-bounds and DID registrations. An annual subscription to VoxPremium will range from US$15 to US$40. Members will be able to purchase VoxPremium in US dollars, Euros or Australian dollars via credit card or PayPal. This table can be located on the new site at:

Feature Comparison Table (http://www.voxalot.com/action/premiumFeatures)

Post launch all members who wish to continue to use the advanced features will have two weeks (until July 30th) to upgrade their account to VoxPremium. After which all accounts that have not been upgraded will be set to VoxBasic.

If you have not already done so, check out our new brand and web site, I am sure you will agree with us that it is a great improvement from the old site. Thank you for your continued support.

The Voxalot Team