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  2. Possible down time in the coming week
  3. Server migration going well
  4. Still need help with translations
  5. Trying To Register a Number with You
  6. Premium call route option now available
  7. ENUM ON/OFF Switch
  8. Update on e164.org verification calls
  9. e164.org server migration...
  10. Need help writing ITSP policy
  11. ENUM Records Using DYNDNS.ORG
  12. Possible Junk Calls
  13. Adding Australian 1300 numbers?
  14. Simple WAP interface
  15. Is there a test number registered in e164.org
  16. enum
  17. temporary deactivation
  18. e164.org ITSP API
  19. I have forgot my e164 login and password help
  20. How to dispute a number
  21. Martin please help
  22. E164 Allocations growing fast
  23. Problems receiving verfication calls on some uk numbers?
  24. Clarification on setting up an ENUM with e164.org
  25. Cheap 13/1300 calls.
  26. Wrong routing to +49800...
  27. e164.apra vs e164.org Same Lookup method?
  28. email registration
  29. Dead route information stored in e164.org
  30. small change with e164.org
  31. Changing email address
  32. Change to adding numbers
  33. White Pages Issue
  34. using ENUM from UK
  35. Questions Regarding Enum
  36. ENUM and PBXes and Brazil
  37. stats and figures for enum
  38. ENUM promotion
  39. How to use ENUM
  40. Inscribe my PSTN number in all ENUMS?
  41. UK Non-Geographical Numbers
  42. Choosing time of verification call
  43. Do I need to register a PSTN number that has been ported to a VSP
  44. I have a did number from www.didww.com
  45. enum lookup on sipbroker is confusing
  46. Verification Time is not enough.
  47. PIN Verification Problem
  48. limit of 5 numbers?
  49. ENUM newbie
  50. ENUM test page?
  51. best way to setup direct calling?
  52. HElP with Sip and Enum!
  53. Problem with FREENUM
  54. e164 not working for me
  55. How to find out a sip uri or enum alias for a DID?
  56. How long does it take for DID verification??
  57. SIPBroker
  58. German Toll-Free Numbers: ENUM resolves to sip:49800\1@sip.pbx-network.de
  59. Verifying a number which your providers don't permit?
  60. Funny enum lookups...
  61. Additional Name Servers Now Online
  62. Multiple ENUM records
  63. Free calls check - enum ?
  64. e164.org down?
  65. Order preference
  66. Static route in Freepbx
  67. Register hundreds of numbers on e164.org
  68. Issues with toll free numbers
  69. Issues with tf.voipmich.com
  70. nrenum.net lookup
  71. VSP to use as a forwarding destination with e164
  72. The registration on e164 is closed?
  73. White Pages Search
  74. Problem adding number to e164
  75. Updates to e164.org service
  76. Major changes to e164.org DNS network
  77. Do not pass calls.
  78. Encrypted DNS Request and Replies
  79. Cant seem to make a call using e164 lookup..
  80. Problem with sip.tollfreegateway.com
  81. Voipmich not passing DTMF to some destinations
  82. my number is registered with e164.org but...
  83. Billion Enum Sipbroker lookup to pennytel.
  84. North American Toll Free Numbers
  85. 421 temporary envelope failure (#4.3.0)
  86. PSTN number for Eastlink Breeze in Melbourne
  87. voipmich status: 500 Server internal failure
  88. "Wasn't able to test your route" error
  89. e164 and Skype
  90. Unable to receive Calls on PSTN number
  91. e164.org No registrations of PSTN # ?
  92. e164.org No registrations of PSTN # ?
  93. e164.org website down?
  94. Add country code for 883 (for inum)
  95. Invalid Security Certificate
  96. removing ENUM entry
  97. Access numbers from Shanghai China
  98. e164 not accepting new PSTN registrations
  99. Geographic lookup not working via Voxalot
  100. ENUM Registration for a DID
  101. Alternate service? External SIP registration, Dial plans
  102. e164.org is down.10/23/2014
  103. Lookup fails