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  1. Mobile Client fring Now Supports SIP
  2. Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960 Vulnerability
  3. Judge Orders Vonage To Stop Using VoIP Patents
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  6. Not exactly VoIP, but with Fring maybe?
  7. PALM OS softphone
  8. N95 VoIP facility crippled by mobile network
  9. Verizon's VoIP Patents In Question.
  10. More tricks for free phone calls
  11. Jajah - Patent Infringment Lawsuit
  12. UK users - Petition for Naked DSL in UK
  13. What’s the Killer App for VoIP?
  14. FWD to adopt Free and Paid Membership
  15. VoipBuster / Betamax offering free SMS from mobile
  16. Severe UPnP Flaw Allows Router Hijacking
  17. Betamax accused of fraud
  18. TringPhone - Flash phone
  19. Canada Throttled: Bell Nexxia to throttle DSL wholesalers and all their customers
  20. Interesting, perhaps UAE will be next..