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Default Most complex (residential) setup? :)

I'm just wondering how complex some peoples VoIP setups might be...

For example, here is mine :

ATA = Linksys SPA3102
Line 1 = Registered with Voxalot (Voxlite) - we shall call this VX1
PSTN Line = plugged into POTS - registered with Voxalot (VoxBasic) - we shall call this VX2. POTS calls ringthru to Line 1.

My primary VSP is - and that is registered with VX1, so incoming calls to ringthru to VX1. provide me with a PSTN DID, so any calls to my POTS PSTN number or VoIP DID ring through to Line 1.

I've also got a PhoneGnome account, which is registered against my PSTN line number - so PhoneGnome users can ring me free - PhoneGnome will ring my PSTN line direct!

I also have PhoneGnome listed as VSP on VX1 AND VX2 so I can "blind" transfer sales calls to the "Do Not Call" function PhoneGnome provide.

My ATA sends all busy/unanswered calls to my VX2 account, which forwards them back to VX1 - which is then in turn set to send all calls from VX2 direct to VX1 voicemail. This means anything which gets to ring Line 1 all goes to the same voicemail (this took a while to sort out!)

And of course, I can be direct IP dialled too! My landline numbers are also registered with ENUM, so other ENUM/VoIP users should connect to me for free one way or another...

With PSTN failover, this is all (mostly) seamless! (but a right sod to diagnose issues with!)
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