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Default Egad, it's taken a while... (UK/Voxalot/SipBroker dialplan)

Chunk by chunk :

L:5,S:5 = Long & short interdigit gaps set to 5 seconds

Private DialPlans
764xxxx<#:>S0 = I have a friend with a private Asterisk PBX. I have Voxalot setup to register with his PBX, and setup a Voxalot dialplan so that if I dial 764 and any 4 digit extension, it routes to Voxalot, which connects the call via his PBX. The trailling # is picked up and used to make the call immediately, but the actual # is removed. I could set this up as a Gateway on the SPA3102 but the Voxalot GUI is nicer to use

You'll see why the private dialplans have to be at the front later on...

The useful PSTN bits

<S0#><:@gw0> = Pressing # will get me an outside line (PSTN) dialtone, immediately

999S0<:@gw0> = Dialling 999 will immediately dial 999 on the outside line (PSTN) immediately

Local, Regional/National and International PSTN dialling

xxxxxxx<:@gw0> = Any 7 digits will use the PSTN line. I live in an area where local numbers are 7 digits. Some may be in 6 digit codes, remove an x as appropriate

00x.<:@gw0> = Anything starting 00 will use PSTN (00 is the UK international dial prefix, so 001xxxxxxxxxx will dial a US number over PSTN)

0[12578]x.<:@gw0> = Anything starting 01, 02, 05, 07 or 08 will dial that number over PSTN (national/regional calls)

ENUM alternative International dialling via SipBroker

<00:>x.<> = Anything starting 00 and ending with a # will remove the leading 00 AND the #, and attempt a dial via SipBroker (i.e. dialling 0015166875089# will use ENUM lookup via SipBroker and actually call

ENUM alternative Local dialling via SipBroker

<:44121>xxxxxxx<> = Any 7 digits ending with a # will be prefixed with 44 (UK dialling code) and 121 (my area code), the trailing # will be removed, and attempt a dial via SipBroker (i.e. dialling 1234567# will use ENUM lookup via SipBroker and actually call

Now, remember those "Private DialPlans" back at the top of this message?
The one example I have above is 764xxxx#
The astute amongst you will notice that <:44121>xxxxxxx<> will change 7 digits to a local SIP lookup as described in the above paragraph. The DialPlan is parsed from left to right, so if I put my Private DialPlan AFTER this chunk, it is always "missed", as the xxxxxxx matches first....

Thus, ensure your private dialplans (for any exchanges/or forwards which are NOT covered by Voxalot/SipBroker) are at the FRONT

ENUM alternative Regional/National dialling via SipBroker

<0:44>[12578]x.<> = Anything starting 01, 02, 05, 07 and 08, ending with a # will have the leading 0 removed, be prefixed with 44 (UK dialling code),the trailing # will be removed, and attempt a call via SipBroker (i.e. dialling 0800123456# will use ENUM lookup via SipBroker and actually call

Voxalot -> SipBroker calls
*x. = Anything starting with a * will go via Voxalot "as is" - so dialling *393613 will call the FWD echo test

*x.<#:> = The same as the above, but will allow you to press # to make the call without waiting, but will remove the # from the dialled number (otherwise Voxalot would try and call *393613# which doesnt work...)

Normal Voxalot calls

x.<#:> = Will make calls ending in # over Voxalot, removing the # before dialling. This enables anything you dial ending in # to try going via Voxalot (i.e. 500#)

x. = Anything else which hasn't matched an existing ATA dialplan, and hasn't ended in a #, route over Voxalot

REMEMBER : These are all on your ATA. Your Voxalot dialplans only come into play when/if the call hits Voxalot.

So, in a nutshell, pressing # to start with gets an outside line. Ending a number with # means it will force it over the net (via SipBroker or Voxalot as appropriate). Not using # will drop to PSTN & dial - after 5 seconds, which means it's transparent for anyone not used to the system (just a bit slower than they may be used to).

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