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Voxalot Support Support for the Voxalot service.

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Unread 10-17-2009, 05:37 AM   #41
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Originally Posted by gotalkvoip View Post
Anyway the router is connected to an ISP with STATIC address so followed your last instructions, so not using NAT or STUN but have chosen your last 4 steps and have set the EXT IP: as the static public IP
Setting 'EXT IP:' field is usually not necessary because in most instances your ATA can learn its public IP address from received SIP packets, such as packets received during SIP registration.

Originally Posted by gotalkvoip View Post
so hope ATA has learnt it's public IP address :)
To confirm, look at 'External IP:' on the Info tab.

Originally Posted by gotalkvoip View Post
PS: one question,. you stated
1. Forward the SIP ports and the RTP port range from the router to the ATA
im guessing this not a setting, as I cant find it anywhere :)
Port forwarding is done by settings in the router.

Originally Posted by gotalkvoip View Post
Also just a question on:
Register Expires:
Proxy Fallback Intvl:

Suggested settings for my VSP is: 240 Seconds
Suggested settings for Voxalot is:3600 Seconds

Wondering anything wrong having these settings lower for registration I gather shorter registrations would mean more data use to my ISP (which isn't an issue) but wouldn't having lower times also help to reduce failed registration intervals?

Also just trying to understand Proxy Fallback Intvl: Ive noticed you always match that to Register Expires: time any reason for that?
Your ATA will detect a proxy failure only during a registration attempt. In case of proxy failure a shorter time for 'Register Expires' will result in faster switch to backup proxy. If you set 'Register Expires' to 600 seconds then in case of proxy failure your ATA will (on average) be unavailable for only 5 minutes before registering to a backup proxy. The time interval between SIP registrations is your choice, however I would ask Voxalot's opinion before registering more frequently that 600 second intervals.

'Proxy Fallback Intvl' is nothing more than the amount of time your ATA will remain with the backup proxy before attempting registration with the primary proxy. One hour (3600 seconds) seems about right to me.

Originally Posted by gotalkvoip View Post
I understand if Ans or Make Call Without Reg: set to YES will ignore failed registrations anyway, though I have two ATA's using the same Voxalot account and one is set to Ans Call Without Reg: set to YES and one ATA to NO: so only one of the ATA's will ring while the other doesn't i.e the one that doesn't ring is set to not to register: No and Ans Call Without Reg: NO,
I always set 'Ans Call Without Reg' = yes, as I don't know of any reason not to do this. You may want 'Make Call Without Reg' = no, if you want no dial tone whenever your ATA fails to register. Personally I keep 'Make Call Without Reg' = yes, but that's just my preference.

Originally Posted by gotalkvoip View Post
I would thought once registration Expires: fails then the Proxy Fallback Intvl: kicks in at set time i.e for VSP 240 seconds later or its the difference of the two that determines when the Fallback Intvl: kicks in,. i.e zero seconds,. but if not would it be more ideal to set Fallback Intvl: at 1 second or even zero.
Just leave 'Proxy Fallback Intvl' at the default time of 3600. If you are in a real hurry to move back the your preferred proxy then you might set it down to 600 seconds.

From the manual:
Proxy Fallback Intvl
This parameter sets the delay (sec) after which the PAP2T will retry from the highest priority proxy (or outbound proxy) servers after it has failed over to a lower priority server. This parameter is useful only if the primary and backup proxy server list is provided to the PAP2T via DNS SRV record lookup on the server name. (Using multiple DNS A record per server name does not allow the notion of priority and so all hosts will be considered at the same priority and the PAP2T will not attempt to fall back after a fail over). The default is 3600.
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Unread 10-18-2009, 08:14 AM   #42
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Attention: We are still experiencing intermittent problems with the AU server. We have an open ticket that is awaiting a RAM replacement, but at this stage we are still unsure of an exact ETA for return to normal service.

Again, apologies for the interruptions to normal service.

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Unread 10-18-2009, 11:22 AM   #43
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The hardware engineers have advised that the memory HAS been replaced. We will continue to monitor the server closely over the next 24 hours.

Please post support questions on the forum. Do not send PMs unless requested.
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Unread 10-18-2009, 12:14 PM   #44
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Thanks Martin, Craig, for the information. I appreciate the fact that information is flowing now. However ...

On Thursday morning, Australian time, OzVoipStatus registered the outage. I, for one, pressed the big red button, and started a Whirlpool thread. Someone else posted here. I saw no acknowledgement of the outage for another 24 hours.

I'm just a bit curious as to how it was ignored for so long. Does the big red button do anything? Do too many people misuse it? If OzVoipStatus could pick up the outage, how come your own monitoring didn't?

Also, is there more redundancy in your US and EU sites? Would we in Aus all be better off using those sites instead of the AU one?
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