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Originally Posted by rovert View Post

I finally got direct inbound calls to my LinkSys SPA2102 via my SIPBroker alias to work - I had been trying *011 5xxx instead of *011 61 5xxx !! - I missed the small print on my SIPBroker login and missed the country code requirement.

I can use the SIPBroker alias from either the SIPBroker PSTN gateway (Melbourne) or via a seperate IP phone registered to my VOXALOT number (it is on the same network, but I think the call goes out then into my ADSL link).

My problem now is that the SPA2102 cannot make outhgoing calls on its SIPME account after following the SIPBroker FAQ instructions here: SIP Broker Wiki : Inbound Calls Directly to your LinkSys or Sipura

Setting NAT Mapping Enable=Yes (as per instructions above) caused the SIPME account registration to fail. Without this setting direct incoming calls don't work, but SIPME does.

So my question is, it possible to configure the SPA2102 for direct calls AND for it to remain registered and make and receive calls with my VSP i.e SIPME ? - or do I have to dedicate one SPA2102 "line" for direct calls ?

My SIPBroker alias *01161 xxxx maps to
SPA2102 account is 1777xxxxxx and Proxy is


You are 100% sure that had you used (or whichever the correct way for a SipMe SIP URI) SipMe would not accept the call directly from SipBroker cause it seems to have a green light on SipBroker meaning calls are getitng through....

If this is the case you can skip using DynDns altogether.... your ATA is registered with SipMe, your Alias points to SipMe Uri (so instead of you'd use your ATA should ring

Even without an ALIAS if someone dials *320YourSipMe Number, your ATA should ring...

Finally if all that fails (and provided you are just using SipMe for outgoing calls), get a Free VoXalot account which will accept both calls from SipBroker and let you configure SipMe as an outgoing provider...

I hope that helps somehow....
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